How to get out of the friend zone fast-Blueprint to Escape from Friend Zone

I wrote it because I can understand your frustration! If you’re reading this post, then I can probably guess something…
You secretly desire one of your female friends.
So let me ask if any of the following sound like you:
* “I love this girl, but she barely knows me.”
* “My best friend loves hanging out with me, but only likes me as a friend.”
* “Every time I meet a girl, I end up in the ‘Friend Zone’.”
* “I’m a nice guy who ALWAYS loses to the Jerks of the world.”

Get out of Friend Zone
Get out of Friend Zone

Did any of these statements sound like something you’ve said to yourself? Maybe you feel a little angry that the world is filled with attractive women…none of who want to date you. This gets even more frustrating when you meet a great girl, only to get the “Let’s Just Be Friends” speech. Pisses you off, doesn’t it?
YOU are the one who talks to her on the phone. YOU are the one who brings her on “pseudo dates.” YOU are the shoulder she cries on whenever she has a problem.It’s an awful feeling to be close with a girl and watch her go for one asshole after another. You’re good enough to be her friend, but not good enough to be the one that she seeks for relationship and companionship.

The simple truth is this: most girls don’t mix friendship and sex. If you’re her buddy, then she will not look at you like she does other guys. If you’re in the “friend’s zone,” then you’ll probably stay there! This is the place of no return. She doesn’t see you as a dating partner. You are a sexless man in her opinion, and nothing else, unless…
You are willing to take action!
That’s what this post is about. I’ve written for you…the guy who is tired of dreaming about that one girl and is willing to take a risk with his dating life. But before we begin, let me clear up one thing…
Most of the time, it’s really hard to go from being a girl’s friend to her life partner. Women simply don’t look at their guy friends that way. In order to change her opinion and become more than friends, you have to take drastic measures.
What I’m about to reveal is not going to be easy, nor is it going to happen overnight, but I can guarantee that if you follow this plan, it’ll become your best chance for getting that girl you’ve always wanted.
Before we get to the plan, let’s briefly discuss the main challenge that’s going to hurt your chances with this woman…

Your Challenge
As I mentioned in the introduction, this post is not for the faint of heart. In fact, it’s going to be more difficult than you could imagine.
Your challenge is to take her sexually neutral (or negative) emotion about you and change it. At this point, she probably doesn’t think of you as somebody she would want to date. Or even worse…she looks at you like she would with a brother!

Escape from friendzone Blueprint
Escape from friendzone Blueprint

This is a very difficult obstacle to overcome! In fact if you do it wrong, it could have disastrous results. Here’s what I mean…
When a guy “puts the moves” on a girl, he runs the risk of losing the friendship. Even if he decides to confess his true feelings, he could create a very uncomfortable situation where she’ll want to avoid him.
Now I don’t really blame guys for doing stuff like this. In fact, I blame Hollywood for many of the misconceptions men fall for nowadays. We see girls get all teary-eyed at every romantic John Hughes flick and think that’s what women want.
It’s not!
While girls love crying at romantic movies, they really don’t want their guy friends professing their undying love and playing a stereo outside their window in the morning.
This will not help you win her affection!

If you profess your love or make a move with no warning, you’ll probably destroy your friendship and not get the girl. What will probably happen is your profession of love will be met with an uncomfortable silence. Then this girl will sputter and try to think of something to say to get herself out of a really awkward situation.
At this point, she might even make a decision to remove you from her life. She’ll avoid you, stop returning your phone calls, and tell her friends how weird she felt when you tried to put the moves on her.
So here’s your dilemma…
How do you take that first step without completely freaking her out?
That is your challenge!
At this point, you are her friend. This girl feels comfortable around you. She doesn’t worry about what you think of her, nor does she feel the need to impress you. And while you might think this is a good thing, it’s actually your main problem.
The fact that she doesn’t have to amaze you directly contradicts her behavior with a guy she would date, because truthfully, most women want a little a challenge from the guys they go out with. A bit of mystery goes a long way! And since she probably knows everything about you, it’s hard to create that sexual tension that’s necessary for an intimate relationship.
So how do you get closer to her without scaring her away? The best way to make a move without freaking her out is to shake up the nature of your relationship. While you won’t immediately attempt to get this girl, you are going to change her opinion of you.In other words, you are going to be become the guy she WANTS to date!
So let’s talk about the attitude you have to adopt from now on. In the next section, we’re going to discuss some of the things that need to be done in order to make her see you as more than just a friend. Before you know it, she won’t be able to get her mind off of you!

The New You!
This section is about changing her neutral opinion of you. This requires a drastic change in your relationship!At this point, you’re a good friend. You’re probably always there when she needs somebody. This is great if you only want a buddy, but if you’re looking for more, this has to change.
Right now, you’re completely sexless in her eyes! When this girl goes to bed at night, she does NOT have fantasies about you. She’s thinking about the other guy. This is the exciting, fun man who provides a challenging experience.
The good news is that her opinion of you is about to change!
If you want her to want you, she has to look at you differently. This change starts with your actions. To get the ball rolling, you have to make some changes within yourself.
Specifically, we’re going to completely overhaul the nature of your relationship with this girl. Here are a few steps to make this happen:
Step 1- Make sure this is what you want before you do anything, I really want you to ask yourself if this is something that you want. Once you put this process in place, it’s hard to go back to the way things were before. Even worse is the fact that you could risk losing this girl’s friendship.

As I mentioned before, this post is about taking action in your life. There is a definite risk because you’re going to make an obvious attempt at taking things to a physical level. This is dangerous because you’re ultimately making her say yes or no to being with you.
And sometimes, a woman will not be interested.
It’s a fact of life. Some friendships can’t be changed into a relationship. You might be in one of those situations where she’ll never feel the sexual tension that she does with other men. Trying to become sexual with this girl can completely change the way she looks at you, and she might even try to end the friendship!
So again…make sure this is what you want first.
There is nothing wrong with having platonic relationships with women. In fact, I’ve found that a few friendships with women have helped me date a lot of other girls, so consider this before you get started.
If you’ve decided that you really want this girl, there are a few things you should immediately do…
Step 2- Don’t be her girlfriend
Remember, your goal is to become her lover, not her friend. You’re already her buddy, but if you didn’t want something more, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.
In order to make this happen, you have to eliminate all the habits that reinforce the “friend” status you’re now in. If you don’t want her to think of you as just another girlfriend, then you need to stop acting like one!

The funny thing is that most guys have a lot of trouble in this area. They think that ceasing this behavior will hurt a girl’s feelings, and truthfully, it might. But it’s important to keep the end goal in mind. While you don’t have to be an asshole about it, you must stop behaving like a puppy dog that follows her around waiting to be petted!
Here are a few tips you can take now to stop acting like her girlfriend:
λ Don’t Call Her 24/7
Her girlfriends spend hours talking to her on the phone. You will not!
Your days of gabbing on the phone listening to her problems are over. If you want to be the mysterious guy she wants to date, then she shouldn’t know too much about what’s going on your life.
The phone is great for setting up a date or maintaining sexual tension. It’s not meant to be something where you’re spending hours listening to a girl talk about her life.
Keep it that way!
λ Don’t Let Her Talk About Other Guys
This is another habit that swiftly places a guy in the “friend’s zone.” When you allow a girl to talk about her guy problems, you’re subconsciously reinforcing the friend label that she’s placed on you.
In other words, you’re the safe friend who is sexually neutral.
If this girl mentions other guys, change the topic. Don’t be rude about it, but find other things to talk about that don’t have to do with another man. Doing this will ultimately communicate that you’re not interested in hearing this line of conversation.
λ Don’t talk about your feelings
A friendship usually evolves from the mistakes guys make when they first meet a girl. As we’ve discussed, women want a bit of mystery from a guy. Being too candid about your life is one of the quickest ways to kill any chance of creating sexual tension.
While you can’t change what you’ve already told her, you need to stop revealing all the insecurities and problems you have in your life. Leave this conversation for your friends and family…not the girl you want to date.
There’s nothing wrong with being in a committed relationship and talking about your problems, but these types of revelations don’t help build mystery and attraction.
Women are not interested in guys who show their insecurities. You’re trying to act like a man she wants to date…not one of her emotional girlfriends.
λ Don’t Agree With Everything She Says Or Does
Most guys avoid any conflict with their female friends. They think that agreeing with everything she says is the quickest way to make her like them.
Unfortunately, this is not the case.
Sexual tension is what creates desire, and it evolves from being unsure about the nature of a relationship. The tension makes a girl uncertain about how a guy really feels towards her, and as a result, she experiences that fluttery excitement and anticipation of not knowing what’s going to happen next.
To create this incredible feeling in her, you have to stop being the guy who agrees with everything that she says. Don’t be afraid to challenge her statements. In fact, go out of your way to tease and joke about the things she says and does.
Trust me, if you’ve developed the habit of always agreeing with her, she’ll wonder why you’ve suddenly changed.
λ Don’t Bring Her On ‘Pseudo Dates’
The “pseudo date” phenomenon is a mistake I see guys make all the time. Some men think that buying expensive dinners or taking a girl on an elaborate date is the best way to win her heart.
The funny thing is that this does nothing to change the nature of a friendship. In fact, it will actually hurt your chances!
A common mistake guys make is to treat their female friend like they would any other girl they’re trying to date. They take them to dinner, go to the movies, buy them presents, and bring them on trips. When you do stuff like this, you probably think that you’re slowly turning her into your lover, but you’re not.
In essence, these activities are doing more to strengthen the friendship than to create a potential sexual
relationship. She’s learning that she gets all these things from you without giving anything back
λ Never Be Boring
Remember that women want a bit of excitement from the guys they date. They want experiences they can remember and tell their female friends. If you want her to look at you in a whole new light, then you have to cease doing the things that’ll make her think of you as a boring guy.
So don’t do the activities which other men would do. Don’t watch home movies with her, and don’t take her to a restaurant. In other words…don’t do the things that are predictable.
One of the best ways to look good in her eyes is to take her somewhere that focuses on you. If you play in a band, invite her to your show. Do you take pictures? Get them hung up in an art gallery, and invite her to check out your work. Maybe your buddy’s having a killer party. Why not bring her along, and introduce her to all of your friends?
As a result, she’ll be flattered to be in your company.

Step 3- Remove yourself (for a bit)
Here’s where things gets a little tricky (I told you this process is not easy).
In the last step, you were purposefully changing her perception of you as a man. Hopefully you created bit of tension with your actions. Whereas you were once her buddy who was always there for her, now you’ve grown a little distant.
If you had a good friendship, then she’s probably wondering why you haven’t been around. In addition, she’s probably a little sad that she doesn’t have you in her life. In essence, you are NO longer at her beck and call. You’ve now proven that you are in complete control of your destiny, and you no longer do everything that she wants you to do!
Now we’re going to take this one step further…
For a couple of weeks (maybe even a month), you’re going to remove yourself from her life. Without going into to much detail, this is a key step.
You want her to realize on a psychological level what it’s like to not have you in her life. Not being around her for a period of time is a way to increase the tension that’s been created in the first step. T
his will make her wonder what you’re doing and why you aren’t around as much. Perhaps she’ll even start to grow a little jealous that you no longer have time for her.

This step doesn’t have to be a lie. In fact, in the next step, I’m going to cover what you should be doing during this time.
But if she asks about your absence, a vague response should suffice as an answer. Just tell her that you have something you need to concentrate on for a period of time. It could be anything from schoolwork to your home life, but let her know that you won’t be around for awhile.
You can return her phone calls, emails, or texts, but do so in a slow manner. In other words, be the busy guy. When she calls, wait a day or two before calling her back. Don’t jump at the chance to contact her (like you used to do). This will add congruence to what you’ll do in the next step.
Step 4 – Create your new life
In order to make this woman attracted to you, you have to make her see you as a sexually-desirable man. This means creating a lifestyle that she will find interesting. Here are a few ways to do this:
λ Bring Out Your “Alpha Male”
Women are attracted to dominant men who make them feel wanted. At some point in your friendship, she made a conscious decision about not dating you. This probably happened because, frankly, she never saw you as someone worth dating.
This is an opinion that you have to fix!

When you’re “reconnecting” with her, you want to create the question in her mind about why you’ve changed. In order to do this, you have to bring out the “alpha” – or dominant – part of your personality. Consider this as an opportunity to change how she originally saw you.
Now I don’t mean you have to become one of those guys who act like complete assholes, picking fights with everyone, but you should spend time apart from her developing the dominant part of your personality. In other words, become an alpha male!
I wrote this report as a companion piece to my 24 Traits of the Superior Alpha Male, so you should be familiar with the concepts that I discuss in that report. In order to better your chances with this girl, I encourage you to review this book and learn how to show an Alpha Male personality.
Remember, you can’t change this woman’s opinion of you until you bring out the attractive side of your personality that she’ll love!
λ Do Fun Things
Part of being an attractive man is doing the things that you want to do. While this might seem overly selfish, girls are drawn to men who are living according to their own rules. Rather than being concerned with what others think, an alpha male lives an awesome life with purpose!
While you’re focusing on bringing out the dominant side of your personality, start doing stuff that only makes you happy. Hang out with other friends, focus on your favorite
hobby, and do stuff that you’ve always wanted to try.
In other words, become a man who is more interesting then she ever gave you credit for being.
If you do enough things, you’ll have plenty to discuss when you see her again.
λ Hang Out with Other Women
It’s a basic law of human psychology that we tend to desire what other people covet. Think about those fads you see all the time. People get sucked into the trends of the day, constantly trying to be popular and fit in.
You want to create this same feeling with your girl friend. In other words, you want to be that guy who IS desired by other women. You basically want to create a situation where you’re a stock that she wants to invest in.
The solution is simple…start meeting lots of women. You don’t even have to date them, but at the very least, have women in your life. Think of this as a social proof. Before, she saw you as the buddy who was always around. Now, you’ve changed into that guy who seems to have a lot of women who want to be around you, and she has to compete for your attention. This will get her wondering if you had a special quality that she might have overlooked.
Here’s a sneaky tactic that can help increase her tension: If you have a MySpace or Facebook account that you know she’ll see, make it a point of commenting (and getting girls) to comment on your page. At some point, she’ll wonder what’s going on in your life, and she’ll check out your page. When she does, she’ll see that you’ve been meeting a lot of women.
As a result, you’ve established that social proof where she sees how women really want you! It’s pretty powerful stuff!
Ok, now that we’ve covered the lead-in to seeing her again, we’re going to move on to how to seal the deal. Once you’ve made an overhaul of your life, you’re going to completely shift focus here.Let’s move on to how to get back into her life in manner where she can’t wait to hook up with you!

Reconnecting with Her
As I mentioned before, you will spend a period of time away from her. Hopefully by now, she’s wondering what you have been doing in your life. Perhaps she’s even seen you around with other women.
This will set the initial feelings of jealousy, but it’s not going to be the thing that pushes her over the edge and makes her desire you. At this point, she’ll still look at you like she would a friend. Sure you’ve pulled a disappearing act, and maybe she’s even a little jealous that you’re not hanging out with her, but at this moment, you need to take her platonic feelings and begin transforming them into something more.
Here’s how to do that:
One day, give her a call, or meet up with her if you don’t have a number. Think of this phone call like you would with every other girl that you’ve met. In a way, you’re “reestablishing” new terms for your relationship.
Let’s think about how you handle your first phone call with a new girl. Basically your focus for these conversations is to create sexual tension. This is not a post on how to talk to women on the phone, so I’m going to keep this to a minimum.
Basically, some of the key elements to remember include:
λ Call her when you know she’ll be around (this does not mean the weekend).
λ Spend a few minutes catching up and talking about what you’ve been up to.
λ Ask what she’s been doing.
λ Tell a few stories that put you in a positive light. Mention one or two tales that involve another girl. When you do, don’t come out and talk about the other girl. Just refer to her as a “friend.”
λ Tease, and flirt. Do this lightly on the phone. Right now, you’re trying to create an entirely different image of yourself in her eyes, so it’s important to be subtle manner at first.
The conversation should be 15 minutes or less. This may sound like a ridiculous rule, but it serves a purpose, and that is to reinforce the notion that you are a busy guy. Talking her ear off for hours won’t make you seem like someone with a lot going on. Instead, you’ll just seem like you’re the same boring guy who she doesn’t want to sleep with.
As you’re wrapping up the conversation, you want to – again – briefly mention that you have a lot going on with your life, but you feel like you haven’t seen her in ages and would like to hang out sometime. Then lead the conversation towards how you have a free night in the week coming up. Tell her (don’t ask her) that you guys should definitely hang out that night. If she can’t, you can make it for another night.
Don’t be too flexible with finding a day to hang out. Remember that you’re the guy who has stuff going on in your life, and being too accessible will hurt all the hard work you’ve done up to this point.

When you do make plans, what you’re really doing is asking her out on a date, but keep that information to yourself for the time being. She shouldn’t know at the time that when the two of you do get together, she’s going to have entirely new feelings for you. In essence, you’ll be bringing her out on a date that is designed to make her feel attracted to you.
In order to ensure this takes place, don’t let her bring other friends around. It is JUST you and her together; other people will only hinder your chances of success. In fact, if she’s insisting on bringing somebody else, then it’s actually better to make up an excuse and cancel then get stuck in an awkward, group activity.
So let’s say that the two of you have set a date to get together alone. What are you doing to do when you’re finally together?

How To Increase Testosterone Naturally For Ageing Men – 5 Science Based Methods

Joeycrackem has written this post/video to help guys that do not have optimal test levels. I remember before I lifted and ate good I used to have the test levels of a CUCK and would be cringe as a fuck during every social interactions. Upon fixing up my hormones the game actually became a fuck ton easier. Many times your success with women isn’t due to a lack of technical skill. You suck because you don’t have the drive. You have the test levels of a 80 year old granny you don’t even want to fucking succeed. Fix your T levels and come back to me like a rising Phoenix.

How to boost testosterone levels naturally

In this post I will be going over 5 scientifically proven ways to boost testosterone levels, but first let’s talk about why your testosterone levels are incredibly important for your general well being:

Testosterone is androgen hormone that is crucial for the development of masculine traits within males. Testosterone levels are correlated with:

• Increased libido: testosterone is a sex hormone which has direct effects on your libido. Men with low libidos are often diagnosed with having low testosterone levels and are put on testosterone replacement therapy.

• Increased muscle mass: testosterone levels have a direct impact on the amount of muscle mass you can build. Generally men with higher levels are able to pack on more size on their frame.

• Increased bone density: Some studies have actually shown testosterone to play an important role in bone density.

• Decreasing chances of Alzheimer’s disease, various studies have shown low levels of testosterone to having being linked to Alzheimers

• Studies have indicated that low levels of testosterone might be linked with depression, many people who have suffered from low test levels have attested to the huge improvement gained upon increasing their levels.

A general trend has been observed by researchers of men’s testosterone levels lowering over the years. A big decline has been noted over the past 30 years. These changes are most likely the result of changes in the modern diet and lifestyle.

Now let’s go over 5 ways in which you can boost your testosterone levels naturally:

5. Exercise and lift weights

Men who exercise frequently are often associated with having higher test levels. Resistance training (using weights) has been noted to be the most effective method for building test levels up in the short term and long term. So if you want to boost your levels make sure you get on a good strength training program that has you doing big compound movements such as squats and deadlifts.

For beginners I suggest Strong lifts or even the Starting strength program my Mark Rippletoe. H.I.I.T Cardio which involves repeated bouts of high intensity work is often better for stimulating test levels than slower paced treadmill work. If you are doing some cardio choose to hit a bag or do barbell complexes over the elliptical machine if you want that test boost.

4. Minimize Stress and Cortisol levels

Long term stress whether from a boss who won’t give you a break, or unpaid bills can lead to increases in cortisol levels. High cortisol levels are devastating for test levels. Picture your hormones as kind of like a see saw. One of them goes up, the other goes down. You must do all that’s within your power to keep those cortisol levels down. Some things that you could consider doing to lower stress are:

• Meditation ( scientifically proven to lower stress)

• Deep Breathing ( as Elliot hulse says ‘breath into your balls’), sometimes “Deep breathing counters the effects of stress by slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure,” psychologist Judith Tutin, PhD, says

• Keep away from excessive use of stimulants, perhaps your 10 cups of coffee a day are having something to do with you elevated test levels, if you still want your man parts to work, perhaps it’s time you ease up on the caffeine.

3. Eat more fat

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? You have always been told to keep away from fat yet ‘dietary fat’ plays an important role in optimizing your natural testosterone levels.

A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that diets with higher amounts of monounsaturated and saturated fats have been shown to increase testosterone levels.

There is a point of diminishing returns however, an appropriate level dietary fat for testosterone production should fall somewhere in the ball park of 25-40% of your daily calories. Play around with these numbers to see what works for you.

Some good sources of fats that you could add into your diet are:

• Avocados ( my personal favourite )

• Almonds

• Peanut Butter

• Olive oil

• Egg yolk ( do not be afraid of the yolk )

2. Increase the zinc in your diet

The mineral zinc has been known to produce a favourable environment for test production; if your levels are low you might suffer. Zinc can be easily supplemented with pills but for the best result make sure you try get most of your Zinc from real foods. Eat the following to increase your levels:

• Protein rich meats

• Fish

• Oysters

• Crabs

1. Get more sleep

This last one should be a no brainer, make sure you are getting a proper amount of sleep and are not walking around like a zombie. A lack of sleep has been shown to be detrimental to testosterone production.

Research at the University of Chicago recorded the sleeping patterns of healthy men and found that the subjects’ testosterone levels increased the longer they slept. 7-9 hours was noted to be the best in order to optimize the testosterone response.

An important note: the quality of sleep might be more important than the quantity of sleep. To ensure that you are getting adequate sleep at night I suggest you:

• Have a come down period where you de-load and get away from high stimulus material such as television and the internet. Tim Ferris suggests reading fiction books before sleep to ease your mind.

• Don’t drink too much water before the bed, or you will ruin your deep sleep each time you have to get up and run to the toilet.

• Use a white noise machine or play some binaural beats to ease yourself into bed

So those are 5 ways in which you can boost your testosterone levels. Your testosterone is one of the most important hormones in your body. If you want to live the good life, it is your reasonability that you do all that is within your control to keep them levels high. Just remember, if you aren’t waking up with some oak wood every morning. There is work that can be done! Let’s begin.

Safer Nightlife and Guidelines for Recreational use of drugs in Europe in parties Nightclubs or Pubs and Bars

Recreational use of drugs in nightlife settings is a common feature among European cities but only in some of them are developed targeted responses to reduce the related risks. These responses have been initiated in the 90s by peer projects emerging from the party scenes. A range of tools
are used to increase the party goers awareness on the risks they take and to promote a safer environment: drug information leaflets, chill out, drug-checking, websites, safer dance guidelines, charters and labels. The most efficient responses are based on local and integrated partnerships
involving the concerned stakeholders (peer projects,prevention agencies, club owners, party organizers, police and local authorities).
At the European level, with the support from EU funding programmers, city and NGO networks have carried out practice sharing projects on safer nightlife issues and nowadays, useful guidelines are available to support local initiatives.Municipalities should take profit of these European exchanges in order to support, coordinate and promote safer nightlife projects in their cities.

Nightlife in Europe
Nightlife in Europe

Throughout Europe, legal and illegal drug use has become a consistent feature of nightlife and a complex issue to attend. The use of cocaine is increasing in most European countries, the interrelated consumption of psychoactive substances, which include both alcohol and tobacco,
the emergence of new substances and new trends complicate both our understanding and response. The cultural changes taking place in our society indicate the relevance of developing new strategies related with the
nightlife activities and the public who use them. As people attempt to gain a new balance between “work” and “free time” this work becomes more important for our societies.It’s not clear if the youth have more free time than adults but they certainly reclaim it more and the night venues are
now important spaces were the youth of today form their identity. These are not spaces of marginality but spaces of integration were nightlife “consumers” escape from their routine, meet new people, try new experiences and also assume new risks such as drug taking. Bars, Clubs and
clubbers, community organizations and service providers, local and national politicians in every European country are concerned to respond to this issue realistically and positively.

Unfortunately, if young people have fun and take risks in all European cities, there is no intervention to respond the recreational use of drugs and alcohol in the most part of them. This is a big challenge for the municipalities which have a key role to assume in terms of initiating, supporting,coordinating and promoting the potential responses of the
concerned stakeholders.

Situation of drug use in nightlife settings in the EU Although recreational drug use among the general population is low, use among people in nightlife settings is much higher. However, trends vary greatly across the
EU. For example, lifetime use of ‘ecstasy’ in the general young adult population (15–34) range from less than 1% in Greece to 12 % in the UK. Use is highest among men aged 20 to 30 years. Surveys carried out in nightlife settings have shown lifetime prevalence for ecstasy as high as 22
% in Athens and 85 % in London.
Rough calculations suggest that between 3 and 3.5 million adults in the EU have tried ecstasy at least once. Of these, 4–500 000 have used it once a week or more over a periodof time. The main reasons people give for taking ‘ecstasy’ is to
enjoy dancing and have fun. Other recreational drugs are also taken to boost confidence and energy or offer new experiences. The key link between drugs and alcohol is highlighted by the higher rates of drug use among
relatively affluent young people who go to dance clubs,pubs and bars and drink a lot of alcohol. Alcohol remains the psychoactive substance most frequently and widely used for recreational purposes. Wide range of illicit drugs is used in nightlife settings depending on the cultural background of the parties and of the regional trends of use: Ecstasy, amphetamine or cocaine are the most common to have fun and dance all the night long ;
Hallucinogens such as LSD, magic mushroom or ketamine are more used in rave parties ;GHB and poppers use is observed mainly in gay
scenes and are related to sexual practices ; Heroine can be sniffed to soften the down of stimulants (mainly in free rave parties) ; Finally if cannabis is the most common drug used among young people, it is not so used during parties in nightclubs or bars as its consumption is easily detected
by the security staffs.

Drugs and Dancing in Pubs Europe
Drugs and Dancing in Pubs Europe

The mix of different substances is quite frequent and very often illicit drugs are combined with alcohol. This is the main reason of crisis at parties as it currently occurs in Paris where the combination of GHB with alcohol causes
comas within the gay club scene. However, compared to the level of recreational use of drugs, the frequency of accidents remains relatively low as well as the transition from an occasional use of drugs to a problematic or
addictive one.
The risks due to the use of drugs and alcohol in nightlife settings cannot be dissociated from other party-related risky behaviors such as violence, sexuality, hear-related risks, road safety, etc. These issues should thus be
approached in a global framework of health promotion in nightlife settings and should take into account the cultural background of the concerned dance scenes to which the behaviors are linked.

European responses reducing drug-related demand and harms in
nightlife settings From peer projects to municipal
strategies and action plans Concerns about the combined use of drugs and alcohol by young people in nightlife settings have led to the
development of strategies that aim to alter the social,economic and physical environments associated with alcohol and drug consumption, with the goals of: modifying consumption behaviors and norms; creating conditions less favorable to intoxication; and reducing opportunities for alcohol and drug-related problems to occur.A number of measures are reported by EU Member States to take place in, or around, nightlife settings with the specific aim of reducing harm or positively modifying the social environment. These include: training for bar and security staff; increased enforcement of existing legislation; raising awareness of substance-related harms; provision of late night transport services; and improvements intended to provide a safer nightlife environment.

Measures in this area are diverse, including such things as: improvements to street lighting; the availability of drinking water; proper ventilation; or even measures to provide a rapid response to medical emergencies. Often,
a common feature of this approach is that it is based upon a dialogue between different stakeholders, such as the police, licensing authorities, club owners and healthcare  providers, who are required to work together in partnership to identify both local needs and possible solutions.

On an historical point of view, the members of the dance communities were the first stakeholders to tackle the recreational use drugs and other related risks. The first peer project emerged in 1989 in Edinburgh (Crew 2000),
followed during the 90s by the other community-based groups across Europe. During the 90s, a more integrative approach has been developed including the peer projects, drug prevention agencies, the dance scenes actors (club staffs and party organisers) and the authorities in order to
establish safer dance of safer clubbing guidelines. These guidelines aim at promoting a safer environment

(overheating, overcrowding, water availability, etc.) and training the club and party staffs (mainly the bouncers).For a couple of years, safer dance charters and labels have been the last innovative approach strongly supported by the municipalities and other local authorities in order
to strengthen the visibility of the safer dance guidelines application.
Peer education and drug information In the nightlife settings, the peer projects play a major role in the responses developed in Europe.
The delivery of […] interventions, which are largely information based, […] is usually carried out by trained peers at information stands. Brochures or leaflets/flyers about drugs and sexually transmitted diseases, as well
as condoms, are provided. Typically, a number of different self-help, non-governmental or scene-based organizations provide interventions at parties. These organizations acknowledge that drugs play a part in the festival scene and, while stating that the safest option is not to take drugs
at all, they usually neither proscribe nor condone the use of illegal drugs […]. Risk reduction materials are usually developed in styles that emulate youth cultures. Volunteers who provide peer education […] may occasionally be recreational drug users themselves or have used drugs in the past. In these cases, the objective is to be able to answer questions from young people about safe use and risk reduction, rather than to prevent drug use. 4
A peer project is a community-based project in which people address their equals. So, a group of people emerging from a particular scene such as partygoers, drug users, people living with HIV, sex workers etc. In the nightlife setting,some peer projects are self-supported whilst others are
incorporated into professional organizations:

*In France, peer projects from the rave party scene work in partnership with Médecins du Monde exchanging information and acting in common at
large events, however each group retains its own identity.
*In Germany, Spain, Portugal or Italy some groups include individuals from various fields such as social and medical workers as well as partygoers and drug users. Some of these projects are independent whilst others form a part of larger organisations.

From Safer dance guidelines to charters and labels supporting
local partnerships
In some European cities (Paris, Barcelona, Edinburgh,Brussels, Zurich, etc.), club owners and party organizers, with the participation of outreach workers and local authorities, help promote moderate drinking, raising
awareness of the harms of drugs and alcohol, while raising the safety characteristics of settings (e.g. providing free water, staff trained in first aid, chill-out areas). This commitment of the nightlife stakeholders has been raise in two steps:
In the 90s in UK, Safer dance or Safer clubbing guidelines has been developed jointly by organisers, club owners,users’ organisations and prevention agencies, aiming above all to create a safe physical environment. Health hazards in recreational settings more often arise from how events are organised rather than directly from drug use (e.g. intoxication or unexpected effects). Above all,overcrowding, poor ventilation, lack of affordable drinking water, violence and accidents from broken glass are
addressed. But guidelines also deal with drug dealing and the training of door supervisors to organize searches and supervise toilet areas. Training in first aid and early detection of drug-induced problems is included.
Recommendations for drug prevention by distributing information and outreach teams are included. The guidelines include aspects related to local communities,for example promoting liaison with local agencies and
police officers to organize safe transport and ensure that people can get home safely. These guidelines are being largely applied in Belgium, northern Italy and the United Kingdom.

Since 2005, the last innovation in the field is the development of safer nightlife charters or labels. These charters or labels are signed generally by a club owner on the one hand and by the responsible of the local safer
nightlife partnership on the other hand (for example the Mayor). The charters or labels include in fact the main

Strict abstinence-oriented messages are not realistic in party settings and information-based approaches alone are not effective. Lifestyle fashions, beliefs and attitudes of young target groups and the symbolic aspects of drugs and drug use are key factors that can be only used by the stakeholders issued from party scenes: peer projects, club owners, party organizers, etc. Their involvement in integrated local partnerships developing safer clubbing guidelines, charter and labels appears as the most efficient
response.The municipalities have the responsibility to support the
safer nightlife integrated partnerships which carry out such responses. This support can be done by co-financing, coordinating and/or promoting the local programes. Each city can take profit of the experiences of European
networks acting in this field which develop practice sharing and produce related guidelines.

Tips to plan a romantic date in a Restaurant

The first date is your opportunity to make a positive impression and in order to make a good impression you must be prepared. Perhaps the biggest
decision to make beforehand is where to take your date.
Below is a list of suggestions, some of which have checklists to help you
prepare for that activity, as well as some handy hints.

Romantic Date in a Restaurant
Romantic Date in a Restaurant

As a venue, restaurants provide a great way to get to know someone.
Choose a place you know so you will be more comfortable. It’s also very
cool to call a waiter by his first name. If you haven’t got a favorite place
already, choose a place with the help of the checklist below.
Good Idea: If you can, do something like see a movie together before you go
to the restaurant. This way you have something to talk about. Going for a
walk (for example, along a river or through a park) is also a good idea and
will allow you and your date to build up an appetite.
*Ask your date if he/she has any special eating requirements. He/she may
be vegetarian or vegan, or not eat meat but eat seafood.
*Choose a place based on recommendation — Ask people you know.
*Check out the location beforehand.
*Consider the time — Lunch is the best choice for a first date as this helps
keep the date casual and relaxed.
*Take the menu and prices into consideration — The offerings should easily fit your budget.
*Find a place with good lighting — If it’s too bright, that pimple that sprung up an hour ago will stand out like a lighthouse, making its owner want to sink into oblivion. Too dark and you may not be able to see your date drooling over you.
*Consider the noise factor — Make sure it is easy to talk. After
all that’s the reason you are there.
*Choose a venue with both efficient and friendly service. (And
your waiter shouldn’t be a clown called Ronald McDonald.)
*Find out whether you will need to make a reservation.
*Consider the dress code at the venue and dress to suit.
*Apply the Style-Plus-One principle — The principle is this: You go one step better than the next person when it comes to your style/look. Say, if you were at a venue that, on a scale of one to ten, the style/look required was a six, you would aim to be a seven.
*Don’t choose a venue that is too small. A tiny room could make you and/or
your date feel claustrophobic.

Handy Hint: If you have decided to pay for the date, give your credit-card
number to the restaurant beforehand (either during a preliminary visit or
when you make a booking). This way you won’t have to deal with the bill on
the night (which can sometimes be slow and can also lead to an awkward
moment with your date if the question of who pays arises.) It is also likely to
impress your date. Have them add a 25% tip (misers cringe here) to the bill,
which should ensure good service during the date. When you do this,
introduce yourself to the person taking the booking, ask his/her name and
remember it, and be friendly. Then on the night you can say hello and use
their first name. They will hopefully use your name too as they should
remember someone who has prepaid!

How to plan for watching a movie with your first date

Planning to watch A MOVIE with your date?
One of the most common and safest first dates is seeing a movie. If you
choose a movie you both enjoy it will help the date. But beware of choosing
a movie that is a dud as it may be a date dampener. Another downside is
that seeing a movie doesn’t give you much time to talk and get to know
each other.

Movie Date
Movie Date

*Make a considered movie choice, as everyone has different tastes, so
choosing a movie can be difficult. Selecting certain movies can also create
a false impression and/or mood for the date. For example, a confronting
psychological thriller like Silence of the Lambs may depress your date. Or a
relationship movie like Pretty Woman may put undue pressure on a first
date. So come up with a few movie ideas, ask your date which movies
he/she likes and choose one between you.
*Select a cinema – Choose a movie that is close to a
place where you can have coffee/supper or a bite to eat
together afterwards.
*Arrange a time.
*Apply the Style-Plus-One principle.
*Book and collect tickets ahead – This saves queuing and if the cinema has reserved seating you can reserve good seats ahead.
*Budget for cinema junk food. Make sure you have enough cash for coke,
popcorn, etc.
Good Ideas:
Plan to have a coffee/supper or a bite to eat afterwards so you can talk to
each other. The movie will most likely spark conversation.
Also, if you can afford it and you want to make a really good impression,
some of the newer cinemas have deluxe seating. You could book two of
these deluxe seats ahead.
Note: Don’t raise your expectations – extra expense does not guarantee a

How to plan a date in MUSEUMS OR ART GALLERIES

Venues like Museums OR Art galleries offer plenty of opportunities for conversation. There is less likelihood of silences because there are plenty of visual stimuli to spark conversation and share opinions on. Also, admission may not be expensive,which is useful if you have budgetary constraints.

Dating in Museum
Dating in Museum

CHECKLIST to plan a date in Museums OR Art galleries
*Pick a museum/art gallery before the date.
*Find out opening times.
*Book ahead if necessary.
*Budget for admission, snacks and a possible memento gift from the gift shop. (There is usually a marketing shop on site).
*comfortable clothes and shoes, as there may be a bit of walking involved. Still apply the Style-Plus-One principle.
*Research the artist/display beforehand.
*Make sure you allow space for your date to speak. Some people are
reluctant to offer opinions in case they sound silly. If you feel this is
happening pretend you don’t know as much (play dumb) as you actually do
and this should encourage your date to speak up.
Note: If you have lots of expertise/knowledge on what you are viewing,
share your wisdom graciously. Watch out you don’t turn into a loudmouth
show-off.Also, walk at the pace of your date so they don’t end up feeling rushed trying to keep up, or having to stop to let you catch up.

Picnic and walk In A Park-First Date Ideas

Planning your date as a Picnic and then a walk holding hands in the Park?First congratulate yourself as this is really a very nice romantic idea.This date can require a bit of work and will not be a walk in the park, but the rewards can be fantastic. Lying on a blanket with your date enjoying nature outdoors in a great location and can be a great inhibition destroyer. Lying down relaxes people and being outdoors in the sun having a picnic is about the only situation you’ll lie down with someone so quickly on a first date.

Dating in the Park
Dating in the Park

Picnic and walk In A Park-First Date Ideas
*Only plan this during a warm weather season.
*Check the weather forecast beforehand — You don’t want a date from hell
because a twister passes through your picnic, launching you and your date
skywards to do some mid-air bonding with a startled cow called Mabel!
*Plan an alternative activity — Have another option for the date on standby in case the weather isn’t suitable.Lunch at a café or restaurant would be an obvious choice,but it could also be having the picnic on your lounge room
*Apply the Style-Plus-One principle. Wear casual clothes with shoes/runners to do an activity in.
*Bring a clean blanket — A proper picnic blanket would be the best choice. A couple of beach towels would also do.
*Warning – Damp bums can kill a sexy mood! You may have a perfect day, but if the ground is a bit damp, your date may end up with a damp bum. Bring a plastic sheet and lay it underneath the blanket before you sit down.

Bring a picnic basket — This is the first choice but a box would be okay.
Bring a Frisbee or a kite — If you both have the energy this is a fun way to
work off the meal. A gentler choice is to go for a stroll.
Choose a nice location — This is one of the two main keys to success. If you
get the location right the date has the right foundation and could
potentially be perfect.
Tips to selecting the right Park for a picnic:
*Make a list of possible locations and let your date choose. That way if she
doesn’t know you too well and wants to feel safer, she has the opportunity
to choose a more populated spot.
*Aim to not drive too long before reaching the location.
*park or botanical garden is often a good choice.
*If driving, park near where you are having the picnic because there will be
carrying involved.
*The best locations are close to water. Ideally, find a lake or pond with
bird life you can watch.
Note: If you want to feed the birds, bring some birdseed with you as this is
healthier for the birds than bread. It also shows your softer side.
Choose a location with a view.
*Make sure there are toilet facilities nearby.
*Choose a place that will not be too populated then try to secure a
secluded spot. The odd passer-by is okay but too many people nearby will
spoil any intimate mood. For example, avoid that nearby family with a radio
broadcasting a football game at full volume plus a dozen kids running amok
and stalking the friendly deer grazing by the lake. This will not generate a
sexy mood!
*Consider the food and drink – This is the other main key to picnicking
success. You can prepare the food and drink yourself, or organize catering. Doing it yourself
gives you the opportunity to dazzle your date with your prowess in the kitchen.
*Bring real plates and eating and serving utensils.
*Bring napkins. Disposable moist face towelettes are also a good idea.
*Bring more food than you think you need. This way you know your date will not go hungry and may be impressed with the degree of effort you go to.

If there are water fountains and streams running through the Park it adds more options for dating as they are more romantic spots.Nothing like holding hands with your date with your legs knee deep inside water.

This is more of a day date than a night date unless the walk is well lit and it
is a warm summer night.
The walk could be along:
*A pier – Some piers have facilities, shops and places to eat. You could sit
and enjoy a coffee as the boats sail by on a lazy Sunday.
*A lake or body of water with a track around it
*Any water/river promenade
*Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, as there may be a bit of walking
involved. (And still apply the Style-Plus-One principle.)
*Walk at the pace of your date so they don’t end up feeling rushed trying to
keep up, or having to stop as you catch up.
*Budget for a coffee or bite to eat and take some cash.
*If required, take sunglasses, sunblock/sunscreen, insect repellent and a

Cure Approach anxiety-psychology and exercises

Lets start basic Many men first and foremost do not understand their role in the mating game. Some dating gurus, many feminist media writers and authors, even women and men in your life may tell you that women select the men they have sex with.This is true to an extent, but as we know, women RARELY approach men, and they in fact end up meeting their mates at work or school or parties through mutual acquaintances.The INITIAL selection process is up to the man. YOU must make the first move and
initiate the meeting with her.To not do so ensures that you will in fact fail. The old cliché and truism, if you never try you surely will fail is the basis of this.Regardless of anything you may have ever heard you can trust that, and even go watch sometime, men make the selection initially of their sexual partners.
As was talked about in dynamic sex life at great length, women prize masculinity because they lack of willpower and focus and determination, the traits of masculinity.This is how nature and biology keep us having sex.
You MUST know that approaching extremely beautiful women is ITSELF attractive, as so many men lack this demonstration of courage, dominance, will and masculinity. To understand this itself should be enough, “If I approach I am doing the only thing I can to take control of my sex life” and also “If I approach I am displaying something other men do not, hence a game plan itself isn’t as important to attracting her as the initial effort”.
Sometimes this understanding is not enough.

Sometimes a guy simply cannot wrap his mind around the logic above. Sometimes a guy feels he must have a solid game plan before approaching.
This is good. LATER.Later on when approaching has become an autopilot response a game plan is something to look at. In the initial stage simply approaching a woman, as in my first mission I send you out on in dynamic sex life, is the only goal. Conditioning yourself to approach and putting it on automatic is the only goal at first.If one feels they MUST have some goal as in that mission simply say hello to her,introduce yourself and get her name, then get her phone number and move on. At this stage of the game the absolute most important aspect is getting approaching to not be any
issue at all.You see if you use too strong of a game plan in conjunction with anxiety the game plan will fail, you will then end up with the next problem:
DEAD MOTIVATION.Having a game plan and executing it while flustered and confused during a hard battled approach attempt will cause that game plan to fail. The frame, the model you try to suck her in to, your dominance, your persistence your masculinity will all be weak. As we know people do not match the frames, models or go submissive to a weak demonstration
such as this.
Your best game plans fail. Things begin to look hopeless and you feel the game plan itself was flawed. You begin to feel all game plans are flawed and you are doomed.People will not do things that don’t work or have proven to not produce results.Motivation does not come from wanting something or not wanting something motivation comes from producing results and enjoying them.Hence you fail because of trying to do things all at once and end up with dead motivation because you have seen no results.
If you have simply been procrastinating and haven’t approached any women yet, DO NOT try to execute a complex game plan in your first approaches. Get used to approaching women first and then advance slowly as in the missions of dynamic sex life.If you have already fallen in to this rut, realize many many men are getting results with the game plans available and that you in fact weren’t a failure, nor was the game plan, in
fast you have just seen a lack of results and become dismayed.

Go out and give it another shot knowing that you and your game plans will work, ONCE you have gotten the initial approaching of women on automatic so the anxiety or doubt isn’t carried in to the frame you demonstrate.
I know this still may not have helped some of you, next we will get on to some deeper problems and cures.

This section is VERY common. Many men will find that they approach women and are caused anxiety by doing so. Suddenly they have a block mentally to approaching women and can’t understand it.It is as if they cannot will themselves to do it no matter what.Human life has 2 basic meanings. Survival and avoiding of death are the 2 basic biological meanings.When something brings us pleasure it kicks in as bringing us closer to survival, when something brings us pain it kicks in to mind that it is brining us closer to death. This is why drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes are so hard to stop though we consciously know they are harmful they make us feel good. Our brain doesn’t understand this.
Your mind at deep levels doesn’t understand that this anxiety when approaching a woman is not a bad thing, it does not understand that it is in fact moving you towards pleasure. The mind simply processes it as “bad” “hurts” “uncomfortable” “death”.Hence you end up with a block. You go out you see the women; you feel no anxiety because you in fact have no intention of approaching anymore. You are not scared to approach, you simply know you wont based on the fact you have blocked the ability to do
so. This can be quite comfortable. Yet this is not progressive and you know it.

The cure:
Willpower alone in a large sweeping manner will not be enough. Rather you will use
“small wills”.
Small wills is this. It may sound insulting but trust me it works. Think to yourself: when
you see a woman
“move my leg take one step”
“that direction”
“ok moving now keep moving”
“near her”
“speak to her”
“say hello”
“say what’s your name”
Do this and you will feel the anxiety rushing back in to you, EXCELLENT. This means
you have overridden your minds “safety mechanisms” and it will get easier each time.
This may sound simple but will work and has worked for dozens of other guys.
Now on to more grizzly problems:
We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!
This one here is a damn shame. A lot of guys really think they have no excuse to be
approaching women. They feel that they don’t have it all going for them so women
wouldn’t want anything to do with them.
“I live at home still”
“I am only 18”
“I don’t have a car”
“I am not one of the best looking guys”
How many of these excuses do you have!?????
I wont lie to you, yes you may not be ideal, but she doesn’t NEED ideal. Women fuck some of the most unsavory losers out there. Really Really good looking women fuck some of the worst, because they have no other options for their sexual outlet as these are the men who happen to have the balls to approach them.
Yes right back to the old first understanding, women love sex and will get it regular based on their options. Men do the choosing, and you know what? The BEST looking,rich, intellectual, high status job guys refuse to approach women usually, they think it is beneath them often times, or at least say that but in truth are simply scared to do it for fear of rejection damaging their well polished ego.
YOU approaching is of much higher value to her sex drives fulfillment than some guy who drives a Lamborghini and used to be an underwear model who sits at the bar with his friends refusing to do any more than make eye contact.
Realize this next time you are in the field and think “but what will she think about me riding the bus!????”
Instead when you see a hot woman, realize as your first thought that “hmmm yeah all she wants to do is fuck, though she wouldn’t say it, and may even resist it a bit, that’s what she really wants”
The first thing you feel “sexual lust and desire”.
Remember those 2 things if you remember only one part of this booklet. You must not begin to self-judge. You must feel sexual and must think of her sexually upon first sight of her.
This one is very common and easy to fix. A ton of guys complain to me:
“I just don’t care, I really don’t feel any desire for them to even bother approaching”.
Old advice but:
If you feel no sexual desire for a hot woman when you see her one of 2 things is going on. Perhaps your sexual drive is low because of masturbation too frequently.OR you aren’t socialized enough, being in public places is unfamiliar to you so much so that you cannot achieve the relaxation needed to get in to an aroused state.
Simple fix. Masturbate only once weekly, or preferably as in my approach mission not at all until you have achieved an automatic approaching style and sense of being.Simply put beyond lack of biological sex drive, if you cannot enter the aroused state, or even have any desire at all when you see a hot chick you are either gay and don’t realize it yet or need to get out and live more, so you can experience normal states around other
people without feeling weird about it. Which brings us to:
This is one I’ve seen a few times that devastates a guy’s ability to approach.
A certain sense of or even blatant fear that:
“If I get rejected other women will see it, other women wont want me after that!”
NO, bullshit, this is not true.
First of all people are off in their own worlds when out and about, especially at parties and clubs and bars.
Second if you are approaching lone women on the street as you should be initially to get on autopilot approaching no one will be watching that you would end up approaching again anyways.
Finally people are not, and women are not connected at some bizarre level that judges you as a collective. Lets put it this way, if a rich famous good looking movie star walked up to some nasty fat girl in a bar and said hello, she then said “Get out of here you loser”, some other girl would not say “oh wow she rejected him that means he sucks” and then reject him also.
Women tend to take guys as they find them, if you are really approaching women and interacting with them regular you have or will discover this yourself.
This problem with approaching comes from one of two things.
Drinking and drugging too hard while attempting or pre planning approaches.
Being out way too much at parties and clubs and bars and never having had approached any women.
I call it dead state because a guy goes out planning and wanting to approach women,thinking “THIS is the NIGHT!”
Guy gets in the place and sees hot women, thinks “damn I should approach” then just doesn’t.
As mentioned above one needs to have thoughts and a feeling/state of mind of positive nature rather than negative to see the relevance of his approach.
Some have NO thought and NO feeling. Simply they are too drugged up, or have been going out too long without approaching ever. It has become a deep set in behavior pattern to not do anything.If you are confused about what I am talking about this is called a wall- flower. Not because of shyness though, but simply being so over socialized and set in their behavior
patterns that they just stand there and take the place in and talk to some friends or such.They realize the women are there, and that they want them, but they don’t think it and especially don’t feel it.If this is you, you will know it by thinking back to the last times you seen hot women and didn’t approach. If you cant remember an inner dialogue or feeling, just inaction then its probably you. The good news is, this is a better place to come from than a negative set of thoughts and feelings of anxiety, the bad news is breaking out of the state will be incredibly hard and situational.
Hang out with a new set of friends, or go to a new environment, or new city, perhaps go ALONE to force yourself to interact and be more alert. BEST of all again get out of the bars or clubs. Go out middle of the day, alone, sober to a department store with the goal of approaching a woman in mind. You then may start to feel the anxiety or negative thoughts, which is actually good, cause this then means you are starting to feel SOMETHING which is better than nothing.
I apologize I don’t mean to go hip-hop on you here, ok shaken off, your fearless rocker
and roller is back.
A lot of guys hate women. I hear this one all the time:
“I don’t feel like even approaching women I cant stand them all I want to do is fuck em anyways”
This is a tough one to crack, as it is all in the individuals mind. My best advice is this:get the fuck away from bars and strip clubs and dance parties and clubs etc. Also try to only watch action and adventure shows on television and avoid hip-hop and r&b music by women.
You are probably seeing the UGLY side of all people far too often in these clubs and bars because the people are drunk and obnoxious. Watching romantic comedies you see the “men are dogs” feminist author side of things, or the pandering gay writers take on how straight men suck. Listening to any female take on men in their music is always the
ugly side also cause they are told to “write about their pain”.
Go watch terminator and Seinfeld or Indiana Jones and mash. Watch things and get entertainment from things that are not all “fruit culture”.
Trust me if I watched soap operas and daytime talk shows for a week I wouldn’t wanna approach women either and would have a bad taste in my mouth for em.Then realize As I have said many times: Once alone, just you and the girl or even with close friends you would find a world inside of her, ideas, thoughts, contemplatives and passions. You see the worst side of people socially very often don’t let that jade you to humans, or
especially the most social of creatures, women, in general. Realize that each person has a lot to offer, you just have to give them a chance to let it out and show it to you.OUT!
Well we have come to the end of this little supplemental guide. I keep it short and to the point with the most common of problems I have seen. Remember I am always just an email away if you have even more specific problems, or even better contact me about live Internet chat, which I really enjoy, maybe too much! Never hesitate to ask for help with
this, we all, the best of us yelled “TECHNICAL SUPPORT!” at some point. This shit can be hard and confusing ask for help if you need it please.

How to date Younger women for middle aged men 35+

Do you want to date young single women? Most older men want to, but most men don’t. Why?
Just about every guy our age (35-50) feels deep down inside he doesn’t have a chance. Or,he’s learned, the hard way, what works with women does not work with the younger ones.They’re different, too different. But, if you want to change your life, your sex life and social life,keep reading…

Learn how to find, meet, talk with and date younger women.
This post explains everything you need to know, absolutely nothing has been left out in his hot new ground-breaking book, “How to Date Young Women: For Men Over 35.”
Here’s What You’ll Learn About Young Women
l Where they are, the ones interested in an older guy. This information will save you from wasting time, money and energy looking in all the wrong places, getting shot down again and again.
l How to prepare her for seduction. You will learn how to do the right things and say the right things, during conversations and on early dates to lower her resistance and make her want you to seduce her.
l Courtship principles with young single women – what to say, how to say it, when to say it,what’s convincing versus what smells and sounds like a bunch of bull.
l First dates she jumps at: Suggest one of Steele’s 15 early get together’s and she snaps it up.
l Where to find the ones interested in dating you. (Hint: Not in most bars). Steele gives you
Favorite hunting grounds for Middle aged Men.
l How to conquer 18-24 yr. olds. 34 explicit, detailed instructions on how to prepare for them: Conversation topics that interest her – car, hair, college, shopping, attitude, music,friends.
l The Eleven Commandments of Courtship – All young single women, centerfold-aged girls in particular, insist on certain things before taking an older lover. Following these principles in the book guarantees you know when she needs reassurance, when to assert yourself, and when to ease off.
l And that’s only the beginning! This book is crammed full of techniques, strategies, ideas,methods, concepts. Everything it takes to start dating young single women – females who are exciting, alive, interested, energetic, unjaded, sweet, and don’t give a shit about
women’s lib.l Believe me when I tell you that these young and hot women can be had by older  men like yourself. With the help of this book you can turn all your fantasies about making it with young single women into reality.
You Will Also Learn:
l How to seduce her. Steele’s deliberate, calculated strategy starts after the second date when seeds for thought get planted. He tells how to lay down a trail that she must follow.
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How to create instant connection chemistry and attraction with someone you just met

Indulge me for a moment and just think of someone that you know and get on with really well. Think about the last time you met them and had a great time with them. As you think of that time notice how much you were both in tune with each other, if you think about it perhaps you can picture just how much you were taking on each other’s mannerisms, or you might be picking up the feelings and mood that you created.

Instant_Connection and Attraction
Instant_Connection and Attraction

Now some of you probably know what I mean by matching and mirroring. For those of you who don’t, I will explain more a bit further down. But for those of you that do know, here is a word of warning:
Matching and mirroring is a rapport builder, but there are ways and means of doing this that go way beyond just mechanically copying people’s body movements or physiology.
For those that haven’t yet got a clue what I am talking about yet here is a
Key Point:
People like people that are like themselves
So as you think of people that you get on with really well, you will start to think of lots of things that you have in common. Perhaps you have common experiences, you like the same movies or music. You might even start noticing that you use the same language, talk the same way and have the same sorts of mannerisms and gestures.
Now you might also say that all of this changes when you are with different sets of friends…and you would be right. The fact is we act differently with different types of people. For those of you that don’t agree, think about this just for a second –
– Do you act exactly the same way with your parents as you do your friends?
– Would you act the same with a police officer as you would a lover?
If you do, let me know where and when the court case is.
What happens is that on an unconscious level you will start to act a little more like the people you are close to and they will do the same with you.
Here is a little piece of homework for you.
Just go somewhere where there are people in conversation with each other, maybe a bar or restaurant and just watch people that are getting on with each other, or not as the case may be.
You will notice that people in rapport with each other will have a natural rhythm or flow that matches each other. Just knowing this means you have a powerful, nonverbal connection strategy. Just matching key aspects of the woman you want to meet allows you to put her at ease right from the start. If you match and mirror the right things you will instantly build rapport and develop a great connection.
I guess your next question would be, “what should I be matching and mirroring?” If I were totally mercenary I would tell you to buy my special Making Instant Connections report. But I want to be good to you guys…so here it is:
• Angle of head
• Spinal tilt
• Gestures and movement (but only when appropriate)
• Breathing
• Posture
• Tone, volume and pace of speaking
• Facial expressions
• Any words that they use often
• Blinking
The word of warning:
When I say this to people they go off and start doing it really mechanically. That is not the point. What I would point out is that this is a naturally occurring quirk of human nature and you need to do this naturally. A more in depth version of this and exercises that are designed to get you to do this easily and naturally appear on my Make Instant Connections Report. But this is enough for you to have a go at just gently building rapport with other people. Please go out and have a go just noticing the different feelings you get when you establish rapport with people.
An easy way of noticing the difference is when you are with some friends where you have a natural rapport just break it in the middle of a conversation and notice the difference in how you feel inside a well as how it changes the quality of the conversation.
Now here is the really clever bit. Let us assume that you have practiced building rapport, you have noticed what happens when you build rapport and you already know that after you have rapport people will naturally follow your gestures as much as you are following theirs. Now I know that for some you will want to have a look at the report and go and practice a little first, but let’s just assumed you have done this for the purposes of the illustration below.
Just imagine the situation where you are walking up to the woman you have selected to talk to. As you are walking up, you build a gentle level of rapport non-verbally (there is a specific way I show you to do this in my Making Instant Connections report). As you get closer you make eye contact and hold this a little longer than normal and at the same time you slowly “grow” a genuine smile. I will guarantee if you do this right you will get 99% of women smiling back at you. The 1% that don’t are not worth your attention or have had far too much plastic surgery.

What does this do for you? Well smiling relaxes people. Two people smiling at each other is an instant rapport builder and will just deepen the connection. My Making Instant Connections report sets you up with a variety of exercises that will ingrain this approach until you do it instinctively.
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I guess that some of you already know how to match and mirror as this is old news in some quarters. Please believe me there are ways of getting these results that are far less mechanical and create deeper level of connections, faster than you can imagine. If you are already good with rapport there is enough information here for you to practice walk-ups that build great connections instantly…and you don’t have to just do this with women. Any of you that feel you could do with a little more to really develop this fully feel free to buy my special report on Making Instant Connections as this will give you everything to be able to do this like a grand master.