I Will Share My Notes On Conversation Hypnosis And How I Use It In My Real Life

Imagine having the powers to make anyone do what you want them to do,all in a conversation.Now. Isn’t that Fun and exciting?
But as i read more about the subject i realized that there is a Ton of videos i have to go through before i can learn a few Practical techniques i can put to use in my real life.Around 62 GB of Videos and PDFs to be Precise.

After spending three months,watching and reading stuff,with my little diary in hand for taking notes….I came up with a handful of i can put to use in my real life.After using them in real life i found that most of these conversational hypnosis techniques don’t work effectively in real news.Good news is i found a Handful of tools and techniques that do work and i use them even today to make my conversations more powerful and persuasive.

I paid over 5k for the videos and courses.That is not the bad part.The bad part is i have to spend 3 months to weed out the Techniques that don’t work.How about me sharing these Golden nuggets with you.You can imagine the possibilities of using them in your own conversations everyday.
If you have any questions about what this is all about just contact me first before ordering.

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