Kellerman’s 64 techniques to get people to do what you want

Reality Check:I am not selling any magical potion or charms here.
What am i selling?
In real life try asking someone to do something for you and see their response?
Let’s say you are asking your Team member to come early to work the next day…..
Or,You ask your kid to stop playing video games and study for the next day’s exam.

If you are a practical man you already know that 9 out of 10 times people don’t do what you ask them to do by giving resistance to your request or order.

Persuasive People will still get others to do what they want.
They structure their words and language in certain ways that cannot be resisted or at least is very hard to resist.
You will instantly get access to a 8 page PDF which has 64 Techniques with  to destroy peoples Resistance.Each one of them is explained with Practical examples that can be used in real life starting from today.
Get access to this 64 Carat Golden Nugget while it lasts.

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